Half the Sky Part II

–How is maternal mortality,intergenerational prostitution, and economic empowerment a global problem…especially for women and children? (4 pts)
–What are the latest worldwide trends – for example, are issues improving/getting worse (be sure to list references to back your statement) – in all of these three issues (maternal mortality, intergenerational prostitution, and economic hardship)? (4 pts)
–What factors lead to each of the three issues (maternal mortality, intergenerational prostitution, and ecomonic empowerment ) in the movie? Share facts that stood out to you about the countries and these issues presented in the film + you may add outside research if you cite it. (4 pts)
— How might culture (traditions, beliefs, ways of doing things) play a role in both the prevalence and the prevention of these three issues? Provide examples from the movie. (4 pts)
–Overall, what where your impressions of the film? Did you find it inspiring or discouraging? Reasons why? How will you use this information? (4 pts)


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