Health care management and supervision

In a two page double-spaced paper, discuss why you aspire to become a health care supervisor.

  • Include a brief evaluation of your qualifications (e.g., experiences, strengths, areas in need of improvement).
  • Discuss how your strengths will help you become an effective health care supervisor given the changing marketplace and the range of challenges facing the health care industry in general and, specifically, those in health care administration.
  • Discuss how you will address any current deficiencies in skills, experience, and/or education that might prevent you from achieving your professional goals.
  • Include an example of an effective supervisor you have worked for in the past. What was the management style and how did his/her approach impact employees?

How your paper should be organized:

  • Divide your paper into logical sections with each section having the appropriate heading (i.e., Introduction, Experience and Qualifications, etc., Conclusion).
  • Properly cite and reference all sources used.
  • Include a properly formatted title page that includes your full name, course title and number, date, and title of your assignment.
  • .2 Assignment: Proposed Healthcare Organization


    • In 1 page or less, describe the health care facility and department you wish to use for your final Research Paper.
    • The health care facility/organization can be small or large, fictitious or real.
    • Within that facility/organization, narrow your focus to a particular department and focus on developing a Supervisors’ Policies and Procedures Manual for that department’s supervisor(s).
    • State why you selected the particular organization and include a summary of any challenges you believe you might face in completing your project using the selected organization.LP2.1 Assignment: Characteristics of an Effective Leader


      Reflect on a supervisor for whom you currently work or have worked and, using a fictitious name, briefly discuss this supervisor’s management style as well as how that individual exhibited or neglected to exhibit each of the characteristics of an effective leader (listed below).

      • being a walking mission statement
      • exhibiting enthusiastic, cooperative, competent, emotionally stable behavior
      • being respected, relaxed, unafraid, credible, and charismatic
      • constantly improving her/his professional and leadership capabilities
      • a zest for getting the job done; being a good communicator
      • developing committed followers

      How to organize and present your paper:

.LP3.1 Assignment: Needs Assessment for Policy


Policies are guidelines established for pursuing goals and shaping behavior. Supervisors must know, interpret, and enforce policies. Examine your current organization and workplace to identify issues that dictate the need for formal policy development (such as frequent violations of procedures or rules, problems of productivity/quality/schedules, frequent complaints from customers or employees, behavioral inconsistencies, etc.).

  • In two pages, provide an overview of the issue(s).
  • Discuss (1) why a policy is needed, (2) your proposed policy for effectively addressing the issue and, (3) how you would present that policy to your supervisors as well as those directly affected by your proposed policy.
  • To ensure confidentiality you may use fictitious names for individuals and organizations.

How to organize and present your paper:

  • Cite references in APA format.
  • Include a properly formatted title page that includes your full name, course title and number, date, and title of your assignment.
  • Name your file using the first initial of your first name, followed by your full last name and the title of the assignment.

LP3.2 Assignment: Final Paper Phase I


Identifying Policy Needs – Outline for Supervisors’ Policy and Procedure Manual
Creating an Overview of Expectations for Supervisors

I. Develop the outline for your Supervisors’ Policies and Procedures Manual for Supervisors.

  • Your outline should reflect each of the areas your research revealed as relevant to managing and leading in the healthcare organization or facility you selected for your course project.
  • For guidance in completing this assignment, search the Internet for examples of actual policies and procedures manuals for health care supervisors.
  • In addition, you may seek guidance by visiting a local health care facility and interviewing one of its human resources managers, leaders, or other associated personnel.

The key is to ensure that, beyond the general policies and procedural information topics:

  • You identify and incorporate issues that are not currently addressed by a formal policy but dictate the need for a formal policy.
  • You may also use the topics covered in the content section of your textbook as a guide for what to include in your Supervisors’ Policies and Procedures Manual.

II. Write the introductory portion of your Supervisors’ Policies and Procedures Manual.

  • This portion provides users with an overview of what is expected of them as supervisors.

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