Health Care System

Assignment OverviewIn today’s health care system(s), the role of the nurse has expanded and changed over the years. For this written assignment, the RN to BSN nursing student will identify and explore a specific professional nurse role of their choice; one they may be interested in pursuing after completion of the RN to BSN nursing program.To facilitate completion of the Professional Nurse Role written assignment, students will utilize the general written instructions, the scaffolding approach to writing, utilizing the RN-BSN Orientation and Resources: Module-7 Writing Tools, four peer reviewed journal articles published within the last 5 years at a minimum, the textbook readings, Pearson presentations, the sixth edition APA manual, Turn it in Revision Assistant and Turn it in. Assignment ObjectivesIdentify a specific Baccalaureate or Master’s prepared professional nurse role of self choice, this may be perhaps a professional nursing role which may be of interest in pursuing after completion of the RN to BSN nursing program.Discuss and describe the setting and practice area of interest of the identified professional nurse role. Describe, discuss and explain the role of the self identified professional nurse, to include but not limited to:The educational requirements and preparation, maintenance of license and life long learning,  the required certification or certifications if any, the scope of practice, the professional attributes and responsibilities which include ethical and legal accountability, communication skills, written and verbal skills, use of critical thinking skills and clinical reasoning, the use of clinical judgment and the impact on decision making skills, the types of supervisory and delegation this professional nurse makes and to whom, the type of inter professional collaboration this professional nurse encounters, the type of technology utilized, the nursing theorist this professional nurse may align with and the role evidence based practice plays in there professional nursing role.


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