Health finance formulas | Business & Finance homework help

I need the following items completed from the Healthcare Finance Book that can be found as an eBook on:

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Health finance formulas | Business & Finance homework help
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Your hospital has the following revenue for the months of July-September: July $3,000,000 August $2,500,000 September $4,000,000. If 30% of the month’s revenue is collected in the same month, 40% is collected in the second month and 30% is collected in the third month, how much of July’s revenue is collected in August? (Points : 15)



Accounts receivables can constitute more than 50% of a healthcare organization’s current assets. Managing accounts receivables is critical to the cash flow of the organization. If you were a billing manager what should you consider when implementing credit and collection policies? (Hint: Provide an example of a financial report then explain in detail the steps in the financial analysis process).
(Points : 20)



A firm has the following accounts:

Net patient revenue = $1,500,000
Supply expense = $200,000
Depreciation expense = $100,000
Salaries and benefits = $700,000
Other expenses = $200,000
Net accounts receivable = $150,000

What is the net income for the period? (Points : 5)


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