Health Screenings Matrix

Part 1: Matrix (excel file)· Fill out the matrix (excel file) to help you as you complete the assignment. Note: You will need to submit the completed matrix as well as the following analysis paper for this assignment.· Consider the differences among the various guidelines (American Cancer Society, USPTFS, Healthy People, ACOG, and American Academy of Family Practice).Part 2: Analysis Paper (2-3 pages):· Complete your General Guidelines for Health Screenings Matrix template (excel file).· Once you complete your matrix, in the analysis paper complete the following questions:1. Explain what you find different among each of the guidelines.2. Explain what might be contradictory among them.3. Explain which guideline makes more sense to you and why.4. Explain what changes you might make to the guidelines for a person who refers to themselves with an LGBTQ+ gender identification. For more Information on Health Screenings Matrix  check on this:

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