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Hospital Case Study Paper:

The following cases is presented from the perspective of you as the Administrator of a hospital.  The case is designed to illustrate problems that can arise in the management of a hospital and to challenge you to resolve the issue presented.

You ware assigned the case below.

Not all cases can be resolved from the text material alone.  This also reflects the real world: executives often face problems for which they have no experience or training to go by.  You are certainly invited to use other resources.  Be creative.

     Specified in the syllabus

    Also specified in the syllabus – it clearly defines what is required for content

Case Assignment:

CASE 9: The Need to Communicate 

     Page 368 – 369 in your textbook

YOU MUST ADDRESS THE NEED TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATION TO – Separate your strategies accordingly in separate paragraph discussions.

STUDENTS, remember to 1) include strategies  discussed  during our Provider Panel, 2) incorporate which of your leadership personality traits you will use to have an impact on this effort, 3) read your marketing chapter 23 in your text, and 4) address contemporary IT information techniques for consumers/providers.

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