Hr management paper | Human Resource Management homework help

Hr management paper | Human Resource Management homework help

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  1. Locate and read the article “Career COMPASS: Navigating Key Aspects of Employer-Employee Relationships” (Clawson &Haskins, 2011) by going to your local library or accessing the article via electronic means here [] or through the IWU Off-Campus Library Services (OCLS) site.
  2. Complete the two page COMPASS Employee Career Management Form, (pp. 53-54).
  3. Write a 600-900 word paper that includes the following:
  4. Compass Framework: The paper is to include one paragraph for each of the elements in the COMPASS framework.  Summarize your findings for each area (i-vii) listed below using matching headings in APA format.  IMPORTANT:  In this section of the paper (i.-vii), write from a self-assessment perspective, in other words it is to be a self-assessment and NOT a summary of the article or a critical analysis of the organization.
    1. Career Concept Profile Self-Assessment
    2. Organized For Fit Self-Assessment
    3. Motivation and Energy Self-Assessment
    4. Political Savvy Self-Assessment
    5. Assessment and Feedback Self-Assessment
    6. Systematic Development Self-Assessment
    7. Success Self-Assessment
  5. Article and Framework Critique:In a single paragraph, critique the article – including the views of the author, and the COMPASS framework.
  6. Benefits and Recommendations: In one to two paragraphs, discuss the benefits you gained, if any, from reading the article and from completing the COMPASS form.  Tell whether or not you think this article and/or the COMPASS framework would be beneficial as an HR management tool.


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