Hrm 300 week 2 hr case study scenarios

View each of the HR Case Study Scenarios. 

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Answer the corresponding questions on the HR Case Study Scenario Worksheet.

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University of Phoenix Material                      


Case Study Scenarios Worksheet



Answer the following for the corresponding Case Study Scenario.  Each scenario should be answered in a total of 175 words.


Scenario 1: Staffing Management


Determine a recruitment method and sources would you use and explain your decision.




Assess what type of interview would work best when hiring someone in an entrepreneurial environment.




Determine whether or not you would use selection tests.




Scenario 2: Training and Development


Choose training and/or development programs to implement in order to keep operations employees loyal to the organization.










Evaluate the training methods you would use.




Scenario 3: Employee Relations


Assess the discipline steps to take.  Determine how you would apply positive discipline.



Determine the just-cause standards you should verify before termination.



Scenario 4: Workplace Health and Safety


Assess the benefits of a wellness program.



Summarize the components you would include in the wellness program.




Scenario 5: Labor Relations/Unionization


Describe the process employees need to take in order to unionize.



Explain the rights of employees.



Assess what an employer can legally do to prevent unionization.




Scenario 6: Motivation


Explain two motivational theories. 



Determine which theory would work best in this scenario to help motivate employees. 




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