Hum 105 watch two short videos and answer 4 short questions

This activity aligns with your lecture on context and power in intercultural communication.  Please do not complete until prompted to do so in your lecture.

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For the following questions, you will need to watch the two videos posted below.  The videos are clips from a documentary titled Color of Fear.  The documentary is about eight men of various racial and ethnic backgrounds who sit together in a room to discuss race and racism in the United States.  

Although there are 8 men in the room and you will hear many of them speak, these two clips will focus primarily on two people: David Christensen and Victor Lewis.  Take a moment to watch both videos (about 10 minutes combined) and think about how the onion model might apply to their interaction.  I also want you to observe the other people in the room: their words, their facial expressions, and their body language.  Again, think about how the onion model might apply.



Question 1

List three specific examples of high status behavior you observed in clips from this film.  Identify who exhibited it them, what they did, and explain how it was high status behavior.

Question 2

List three specific examples of low status behavior you observed in the clips from this film.  Identify who exhibited it them, what they did, and explain how it was high status behavior.

Question 3

Briefly explain the role of rank in the high status and low status behavior you observed.  In what ways were the people in this film either reinforcing or challenging ranking systems?

Question 4

In what ways did the status play you observed indicate power (in the way that Nieto and Boyer use the concept in their model)?  In what ways did you observe a spiritual or psychological power from the people in the film?

It’s due 1hour 30 minutes later

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