Human resource strategic goals | English homework help

McDonald’s is the organization I choose. Please complete the table using the strategic HR goals based on current and recommended HR practices. Include a range of goals that could reasonably be adopted in the short term and some in a more medium/long term range. 

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• Provide a rationale for the each of the goals selected. 

• Rank each of the goals on a scale (1–5) in terms of their importance or potential impact, with 5 being the highest importance or impact.

• Evaluate the organization’s potential for achieving these goals (on a scale of 1–5, with 5 being the highest) based on its history and current readiness, and provide a rationale for your ranking.

Please justify each rankings


Please use these resources

McDonalds website

Article: Dyer, L., & Ericksen, J. (2005). In pursuit of marketplace agility: Applying precepts of self-organizing systems to optimize human resource scalability. Human Resource Management, 44(2), 183–188. 

Article: Pfeffer, J. (2005). Producing sustainable competitive advantage through the effective management of people. Academy of Management Executive, 19(4), 95–106.

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