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Activity 1: Informative Speech

Write a short informative speech,  just two pages long, using any one of the following speech types: (1)  explanation, (2) report, (3) description, or (4) demonstration. Use the  concepts and best practices in Chapter 13 as a guide.  Post your speech text  in the discussion thread area. (The preferred way to do that is by  uploading a Word document with the text and posting a brief introduction  in your thread.)  Then develop and record a brief summary of key points  in your speech. The system allows for 1-minute audio files, so plan  accordingly. 

Activity 2: Persuasive Speech

Write a short persuasive speech, again  two pages long, using any of the following five speech types: (1)  stimulate, (2) convince, (3) call to action, (4) increase consideration,  or (5) develop tolerance of alternate perspectives.  Use the Principles  of Persuasion in Chapter 14 to develop your speech. Post your speech text  in the discussion thread area. preferably as an uploaded document with  brief introduction.    Then develop and record a brief oral summary of  the key points. The system allows for 1 minute audio files so plan  accordingly.

To Create An Audio Response:

Once you’ve posted AND SAVED your  speech text in the discussion thread area, click on the Add Attachments  link on the bottom of the screen.   Click on the Record Audio option. A  prompt asking if you agree to allow Flash to run on your computer. Click  the ALLOW radial button. Once you’re ready to record, simply click the  RED square button and the system begins to record. Hit the same RED  square button to stop recording.

To listen to your speech, press the  GREEN play button. Once you are satisfied with your speech, click on the  Save button and the system will post your .wav file. To listen to a wav  file, simply click on the file.


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