Human Resources Specialist

Choose a job that you are interested in. But can not use Human Resources Specialist (which is my current job)Develop a test or assessment for the job. While the assessment does not have to be a written or typed test, it should not be an interview situation (interviews will be covered at length in the next module).Start by providing:Job TitleBrief Job DescriptionBrief List of KSAOs (this can be presented in outline format/bullet points)Describe your test in detail and provide a minimum of 3 sample items/questions. Be sure to:Describe how you will develop the test (hint – think of job analysis)Describe what type of test it isExplain when and where in the selection process it will occur and who will administer it (e.g., immediately after application vs. closer to the end of the selection process, computerized/online vs. at the jobsite, proctored vs. unproctored, HR staff vs. hiring managers, etc.). Remember to give consideration to why you made these choicesDiscuss relative costs/person hours required to administer it and how this relates to the utility of the testDiscuss how you will address and balance any issues related to reliability, validity, applicant perceptions, fake-ability, utility, and adverse impact


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