Humanities research paper | English homework help

P2–Research Paper #2

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Humanities research paper | English homework help
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Time Era: c. 700s AD-c. 1550s AD

Research Paper Requirements:

A clearly stated thesis in the beginning of the paper, your 4-5 points clearly stated within.

Analyze 4-5 significant points about your topic and how it influenced  history in the era of your research. Stay on these points throughout  the paper.

Have a solid and clear conclusion.

5-7 full pages, 11-12 pt. font, double spaced (This does not include the BIB).

Use 4-6 academic sources (articles and books), 1-2 books/chapters required,

            articles must be from academic peer reviewed journals.

 (NO: textbooks, book reviews, encyclopedias, .com, political .orgs, or the like)

Do not use the web except for first stage research-then go find a  college level academic book or article through our library and its  databases.

Use 1-2+ footnotes per page-Chicago Style citation

Have a bibliography at the end

Upload to Canvas on time for full credit.

NO Plagiarism of any kind-cheating will result in an “F”

Good Luck! 

Please read the rubric, sample paper, and writing guide on balancing narrative with analysis.

Historical Analysis Paper.docx”>Rubric for Historical Analysis Paper.docxPreview the document

See the sample for formatting footnotes and the Bibliography. To  create footnotes in Word; Click on References, then click on Insert  Footnote, then follow the format of the sample paper.

J. Massey p1 Greek coins-1.docxPreview the document

Read the very short guide below on analysis style of writing. 

GUIDE TO GREAT HISTORY PAPERS Narrative vs Analysis-1.pdfPreview the document

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