Hurricane Evaluation

NameHurricane EvaluationConduct an internet search to find and watch at least four storm video clips of different hurricanes. Copy and paste the links you watched.You work for the Weather Channel and you are given the assignment to create a scoring rubric to evaluate the danger from hurricanes. The Weather Channel feels that the Saffir-Simpson scale does not sufficiently reflect the risks associated with Hurricanes because it focuses on mainly the physical factors. The channel wants to create its own scoring system that better evaluates the potential damage from an approaching hurricane. Some of the key factors are related to the storm itself (e.g. wind speed) and others could be due to cultural factors.You must identify four factors (in addition to wind speed – see below) that could be used in this hurricane severity scoring system. Use what you observed in the video clips you watched. Fill in the table below and answer the questions that follow.Factor/Severity Dangerous Moderate SaferWind Speed >155 MPH 100 To 150 MPH <90 MPH1234Of the four factors you describe, which one is the most important and why is that factor the most important?Research the August 2005 Hurricane Katrina andOctober 1998 Hurricane Mitch.What were the intensities of theses hurricanes using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane scale?Hurricane Rating(SaffirSimpson Scale)Katrina (2005)Mitch (1998)Now let’s apply your revised scale.List your factors and rate each hurricane using the factors you listed. Use (Dangerous), (Moderate), or (Safer) based on your rating scale above.Factor Rating for Katrina Rating for Mitch124How do these Hurricanes compare using your scale?Now defend your choice of additional factors (1, 2, 3, and 4) that you listed above. Write a 400600 word essay that fully describes those factors, how they would be measured and justify why those factors should be added to the hurricane intensity scale.


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