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TopicHydrant TestingSubject AreaCourseworktask New task No.of pages/Wordcount4 page(s)/1100 WordsUrgency4 to 5 hours

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Citation StyleAPA StyleAssignment DetailsDetailed Unit 4 Assignment: Hydrant Testing
As you started identifying various sources of water for the hazard in the Unit 3 assignment that has a Needed Fire Flow (NFF) of 3,000 GPM, you determined the issues with the streams that you wanted to draft from. Luckily you found two hydrants that are available within 500 feet of the building and your department utilizes 5 inch hose. With this in mind you decide that you want to do a flow test on each hydrant to help determine the water availability for the department to use.

After you test each hydrant you come up with the following flows:

Hydrant 1

Static Pressure reading: 120 psi

Residual Pressure reading: 20 psi

Flow or Nozzle Pressure reading: 30 psi

Hydrant 2

Static Pressure reading: 140 psi

Residual Pressure reading: 40 psi

Flow or Nozzle Pressure reading: 45 psi

Using the information above, complete a 1,050–1,400 word paper that addresses the following:

The flow rate in GPM for each hydrant that was tested off the 2.5 inch discharge (explain your answer for each hydrant, showing your work)

The step-by-step process you used to test each hydrant
What equipment you used
When the best time to test a hydrant is description


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