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 Demond Hassell RE: Week 8 DiscussionCOLLAPSE


At Amazon, there is no room for failures or making mistakes. The organization culture expects employees to “climb the wall” while following the rules. The company also grades employees, and those found to be exemplary are given scores as “I’m peculiar” (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). In this course, we have learned that employees should not be introduced into a culture of competition as they will not be innovative. Making employees compete with each other, extinguishes innovation to the company’s disadvantage. At Amazon, workers are advised to critically examine each other’s ideas as opposed to encouraging each other to come up with ideas. Through the various leadership styles we have learned in this course, we have understood the essence of leaders encouraging ideas from employees. By encouraging ideas, employees will feel appreciated and thus have the morale for their jobs. The culture of sending secret feedback to bosses is one that is likely to cause sabotage among the employees. This is also a culture that leads to competition among employees.


The article above explains how amazon abolished its recruiting engine that discriminated against women.


Kantor, J., & Streitfeld, D. (2015, August 15). Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace. The New York Times.

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 Darryl Jones Jr RE: Week 8 DiscussionCOLLAPSE

Hello Dr. G and class

The culture of an organization dictates the engagements between employees in the workplace. The culture of collaboration at Amazon allows employees to hold meaningful discussions about the benefits of the organization (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). However, employees are pitted against each other and allowed to send secret feedback to bosses regarding their colleagues. This is the same culture that was at Microsoft before Nadella took over the company as the CEO (Ibarra, Rattan & Johnston, 2018). The culture of allowing employees to send secret feedback is a culture that is likely to drive away creativity and innovation among the employees. Amazon lacks the culture of compassion as people undergoing treatments are sometimes forced out of the company or evaluated unfairly. This is a culture that does not have the best interests of employees and is likely to cause high rates of turnover. Amazon relied on a culture of conflict and constant confrontation to push employees beyond their limits. Jeff Bezos admitted that he borrowed this from his achievements while growing up. In this course, I have learned that conflict drives away innovation as employees will not express their ideas freely. At Amazon, employees are encouraged to disagree as they seek to gain from each other’s ideas. This is a culture that helps the company confront challenges whenever they appear. Employees are taught not to shy away from conflicts and instead solve them whenever they appear. 


In the above article, Jeff Bezos responded to the expose by the New York Times and said that he changed how the company used unfair means to evaluate its employees.


Ibarra, H., Rattan, A., & Johnston, A. (2018). Satya Nadella at Microsoft: Instilling a growth mindset. Harvard Business Review case no. LBS128 (Boston: Harvard Business School Publishing.

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