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The assignment is to write a 3 page essay summarizing one of our advanced readings.

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The readings you will have to choose from are:

Clarke 2004 – Manhood and Heroism in Homer.

Nagy 2013 – Achilles as Epic Hero.

Nagy 2013 – Patroklos as the Other Self of Achilles.

Willcock 1964 – Mythical Paradigm in the Iliad.

Murnaghan 1995 – The Plan of Athena.

Powell 2004 – The Philologist’s Homer

In writing your essay you may want to consider the following approach:

  1. First, think about the books of the Iliad or Odyssey covered in your chosen week. Choose one of the major themes or major episodes or individuals which interests you, read it and summarize it with accuracy and detail (what happened? Why was it important to the plot?)
  2. Second, summarize briefly your understanding of the advanced article (if you are unsure, re-watch the Video lecture)
  3. Third, using the key terms of the week, show how the figures and events described in your Homeric episode integrate with the argument of the advanced reading. Think about how you believe the Homeric poems (and your section in particular) demonstrate or contain important insight or wisdom for an ancient and/or modern audience.

Good luck!

Features of Your Paper:

  • Three to five (3) full typed pages, one-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-pt font.
  • Your name, course, my name, assignment, and date should be in upper left hand corner
  • Page numbers should be in the bottom right corner only
  • Original title in plain 12-pt font and centered

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