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Age Discrimination


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Age discrimination is another current topic of discussion. The data seems to indicate that age discrimination continues to exist even though it may be a costly practice due to the declining birth rates. For this discussion, answer the following:

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  • Based on the readings, how did changing social conditions (such as increased life expectancy) and economic conditions (such as industrialization) change attitudes toward aging?
  • Briefly summarize the 2 competing views of age discrimination.
  • For the final portion of this discussion, you will be assigned to a group. Based on your readings and your interpretation of the concepts for this unit, should we legally support mandatory retirement cutoffs?
    • Group A: Present the argument for legitimacy of requiring the aging worker to leave the marketplace.
    • Group B: Present the opposing side, that we should not create or legally support mandatory retirement policies.

Response Guidelines

You should post a minimum of 2 comments to your classmates in addition to your initial post. One of your responses should be to someone who is not in your group. What do you think of the opposing argument? Is there a moderate position that could fall between these two viewpoints? Based on your classmates’ responses, what would this be—or if not, why not?

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