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Atmosphere’s / “Became”


Watch Atmosphere’s music video “Became” https://youtu.be/uGCpxOLIzZ8
This song may be interpreted as a metaphor for many different life experiences.  Analyze the lyrics carefully for what meaning you derive from the song.  Do not apply the life of the two artists or their possible message to your analysis.  You should find your own interpretation.  Once you have found a central theme to the song, apply it to a personal experience. 

For this first essay assignment you will write a two page, double spaced paper in MLA format.  See a sample MLA format in OWL unders the MLA guide sample paper: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/. Your focus will be on the main theme of the song and how it applies to a life experience of your own.  Your thesis should state the theme and briefly mention the personal experience.  The first body paragraph should contain an extended explanation of the theme and how the song is an example of the theme. The remaining body paragraphs should focus on how the theme relates to a personal experience.  Summarize your theme and main points in your conclusion.  Since you are writing on a personal view and experience, you may use first person (I) for this assignment.


“Became”  lyrics

It’s no surprise, I overslept
Put my boots on and climbed out my tent
I didn’t see you
Assumed you were sleeping
Immediately started fire ’cause it’s freezing

I can’t believe we went camping in the cold
I’m in the wilderness standing in some snow
A late start but we can still catch up
You need to wake up
We should eat and then pack up

That’s when I noticed your footprints
The snow’s fresh and those have been put since
What, you already up making the rounds?
So, where you at now, you laid back down?

The breeze came and it stalled out the flame
While I went to your tent and called out your name
You didn’t answer, so i opened up the flap
It’s just an empty sleeping bag and your backpack

I’m looking at your tracks and you took a couple laps 
round the campground and hoofed down the path
I figured you’ll return no concern
I’ma hold put and try to make this cold wood burn

The wind is blowing strong 
Minutes rolling on
It’s going on at least a half an hour you’ve been gone
It ain’t right, start the paranoia 
I left the campsite to go and search for ya

I read the trail your feet made
Each step was deliberately placed
It looks like you know where it leads
But I see nothing but leafless, frozen trees.

About a quarter mile into the course 
And another set of tracks appeared next to yours
From the North, it came outta the thick woods,
And those footprints belonged to a big wolf.

Trying to find service on my cell phone
I felt aight with my knife on my belt, though
I hope the wolf is intimidated by you
I wondered if you even knew it was behind you

Stalking ya, maybe watching ya
Waiting for the opportunity to hop on top of ya
Salivating wanna take you to the stomach
In the cartoons you woulda turned into a drumstick

And it gets about as bad as it goes
‘Cause I noticed there’s a new set of tracks in the snow
I understood, it doesn’t look good
Your fan club doubled, now you’ve got another wolf

And the odds are in favor of the home team
Why’d you walk off all alone? where you going?
It ain’t the right time to complain but
It feels like I’m trying to find your remains

Your footprints grew further apart
I knew what that meant and it was hurting my heart
It means you started to run, so i did the same
Now my breath’s looking like a steam engine train

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