If i had been the lawyer

If I Had Been the Attorney of Record Then…

For this Written Assignment you will be writing a 3 page paper using APA format, 12-point font and standard margins. You are REQUIRED to use a minimum of 3 (three) outside sources to support your points in your paper. Make sure you include a proper reference page. Be sure to properly cite, and no plagarism



There have been numerous cases in the media where there has been focus not only on the client but also on the lawyer that represents that client. Select a case from the following – OJ Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith, Casey Anthony, the Central Park jogger, Bensonhurt, Charles Manson, William Kennedy Smith, Rodney King– or select another one of your own choosing.


*** be sure to answer all of the questions below***


You are going to discuss the case, the venue of the case (state or federal and discuss how the case may have been different had it been in the alternate court system), discuss the media and access and analyze the role that the lawyers – both the representing lawyer and the opposing lawyer – had in the case and how they handled the case. Finally, assume that you have been the lawyer in the case and walk through how you would have handled this case from the first phone call with the client to the final outcome. Access how the result may have been different or similar.

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