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TMA Question
Operations Management Practices Review
Assessment purpose:
The assignment is designed to test your ability to apply the concepts and techniques covered in the unit to your own organisation, or one with which you are familiar. It should also encourage you to reflect on the assumptions and perspectives you have brought to the process.
The task:
Select your own organisation, or another you know well and write a report which answers the following questions. You may wish to read the following articles to help you structure your answer:
a) FERDOWS, K. and DE MEYER, A., 1990. Lasting improvements in manufacturing performance: In search of a new theory.Journal of Operations Management, 9(2), pp. 168-184.b) SHAH, R. and WARD, P.T., 2003. Lean manufacturing: Context, practice bundles, and performance.Journal of Operations Management, 21(2), pp. 129-149.
Part 1:What is the current status of the operations management system of the organization? Produce a 750 word report which identifies the practices used and links this directly to the associated frameworks and theories studied in the course and in your wider reading. Be sure to make reference to the available literature for the practices you identify.
Part 2:Produce a 500 word report which discusses how the practices identified in part 1 are combined into a single system and provide competitive power to the organisation.
Notes on answering this assessment:
You should start by reviewing the recent literature on the practices you identify in your firm. Be sure to use the online library system and search for materials in peer reviewed academic journals as these are reliable sources and up to date.This assessment will be based on many sections of the module, but also should link to other operational aspects of your firm and its performance. As you prepare your assessment, do ensure that you relate what has happened/what is happening in your organisation in relation to the ideas discussed in the course.In the first part, you are asked to synthesise your own account of the firm’s operations system. Be sure to consider the ‘fit’ of the practices and you can consult the many different ideas and frameworks of operations writers on the topic.You should take a critical examination of how advanced the approach is in the organisation – it may not be.In the second part, you are asked to reflect on the combination of practices to support business performance. In particular, you should look to produce critical arguments showing the possibilities for the firm and the limits of its present approach.
Marking scheme:
The contents of your assessment will depend on the nature of your organisation, its environment, and the information available to you. Marks will, therefore, be awarded not on the individual observations basis, but on the intellectual qualities evident in your work.The split between the two parts of the assessment are: part 1, worth 60%, and part 2, worth 40% of the assessment.
The following marking criteria apply to both parts of the assessment and are as follows:
Understanding of relevant theory (30%): You should demonstrate knowledge of relevant theoretical frameworks, and apply these appropriately to synthesise the operations strategies and practices of your organisation.Critical evaluation (30%): You should show the ability to identify and question the alignment of strategy and operation practices in your organisation. In doing this, you should refer to academic literature.Quality of synthesis (30%): This refers to the clarity of your conclusions, and the coherence with which you justify those conclusions. You should draw out the key findings and conclusions from your analysis, discussion and evaluation, justifying any conclusions that you reach.Presentation and style (10%): You should present your thoughts in a clear and coherent manner and in a style appropriate to a business report.

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