Informational book review | English homework help

I need an informational book review on Exporting Security Book by Derek S. Reveron.  I cannot provide you with access to the book. You must be able to access the book yourself. The paper must be 2 pages in length.

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Informational book review | English homework help
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-An information paper provides facts in a clear and concise format (e.g., for use in a discussion paper or trip book.) The format may be altered to meet a specific need, but the paper must be concise, free of grammar and spelling errors, and type written.

-Include the subject and the purpose. Paragraphs will contain only the essential facts concerning the subject. In this case, the purpose will be to summarize the book Exporting Security and provide comments on the value and credibility of the author’s main points, your assessment of the implications for his theories on the security cooperation workforce, and a critique of his three primary conclusions. Papers will be self explanatory. 

-Papers should not exceed two pages in length. Papers should be single spaced. 

-Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations, except for those that are familiar within the security cooperation workforce (i.e., SCO, CCMD, FMF, etc.).

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