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1.      Consider this ‘question’ your free pass– meaning you get to decide what you want to discuss.  What has been on your mind lately in regards to intercultural communication?  What have you seen in the news or read in class that you can’t stop thinking about?  Is there an opinion you had coming into the class that you’ve reconsidered because of our discussion?  Or something else entirely? 


2.      Choose three issues discussed in the final chapter of the textbook, that you would’ve like to have seen, in more detail, in the “Outsourcing” episode of 30 Days.  How might those issues have added clarity to the episode?  Why is clarity, regarding that particular issue(s), so important?


3.      informative exploration of a key figure in a culture described in one of the 30 Days episodes you have not written about for class discussions or your research paper, assigned to the student. For example, if you want to give your speech about Atheism, you could give your speech about Bill Maher and his near weekly proclamation of his Atheism on his television show. This speech is informative, not persuasive. Your speech wouldn’t be about how Bill Maher is wrong or how the media lets him do X. Maintain an objective credibility in your speech. During your speech presentation, you should cite a minimum of four outside sources. Needs to be 8-10 minutes long






comm303 intercultural communication
#2 says to choose three issue discussed in the final chapter of the book for the class which is


Communication Between Cultures 8th Edition


by Larry A. Samovar (Author), Richard E. Porter (Author), Edwin R. McDaniel (Author), Carolyn Sexton Roy (Author)






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