International Operations

The most admired companies are more global than ever. The world’s largest corporations are embracing a greater push for globalization. According to management consulting firm Hay Group, as published in its’ research “Leadership 2030”, six powerful mega-trends are transforming the global business environment: globalization 2.0; environmental crisis; technology convergence; individualism; digitization; and demographics. Why and how do companies grow their international operations? You should prepare an Executive Summary (1 to 2 pages) on the company that you are assigned. Please draw contrast between your company and its’ competitors.The paper should explore the important aspects impacting your company including:The company’s international growth strategyWhat are the driving factors?Their mode of entry into foreign markets (ie FDI, acquisition, JV, etc)Successful growth opportunities to dateAny failuresFuture Plans?Do you agree with their approach?Please make sure that your paper is not a regurgitation of an annual report or encyclopedia entry. When presenting facts, you should explain why they are relevant, not just list them. Anyone can look up real and fake facts on Wikipedia. Your grade will be based on:Thoroughness of topics coveredRelevance of issue/analysisClarity of presentation / targetOverall quality.


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