Internet/interactive marketing quiz needs help

Internet/Interactive Marketing Quiz Needs Help”

Contextual marketing:

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does not rely on choices of a consumer or click-stream they have
just engaged in

identifies who, what , where, why, and when
can sometimes be considered spam by a search engine
always captures consumers attention and interest

A marketer has a brand new website and wants to be highly visible
on a top search engines results page (SERPs), as fast as possible.
What strategy would not help create a highly visible listing?
Increase keyword
density in site content
and place keywords in
anchor text on your
web site
bid for a sponsored
spot in the listing
place a banner ad on a
low traffic web site so it
is easy for the search
engine algorithms to
find out about your web
place content with
backlinks to your site
on sites that have a
large number of
inbound links to their

join a link farm with
sites on topics
completely unrelated to
your site to get as many
inbound links to your
Compete, Woorank
and Alexa:


refers to time spent online
refers to total server output
an increase in the average value of this metric could indicate higher
levels of engagement
a decrease in the average value of this metric could indicate more
efficient search on your site

Consumer engagement as best measured through web analytics:

Number of page views on a web site
Number of visits to a web site
Number of impressions of a home page
Number of advertisements served to the user base
An index of different metrics to determine depth of interaction

Performance measures applied for game-based marketing:

Number of active user of your application during a specified time
The k-factor
The best application of email marketing is:

Customer prospecting
Developing loyalty
Relationship building
very frequent or hourly communication with customers

Using an opt-out option for your email newsletter recipients means:

you have bought an e-mail list from a broker
you have received permission from the e-mail recipient to send him
commercial e-mail messages but he did not have take a specific
action to give you that permission
the e-mail recipient has confirmed twice that they want to receive
your messages by clicking a specific selection box
you have used a bot to harvest e-mail addresses

consumers are marketing to other consumers

In order to qualify an e-mail recipient as a confirmed opt-in,
the following must apply:

The recipient must ask for commercial email twice on the same day
The recipient must receive marketing material via email and then
sign-up for a monthly newsletter
The recipient must first give permission to receive commercial email and then give permission again when the company confirms this
The participant must be part of a target market segment
The participant does not have to do anything

Indicate which of the following definitions is not accurate:

Open rate: process of opening a marketing message
Brand impact: ad recall and brand associations
Viral rate: unsubscribes contrasted to total subscriber base
Conversion rate: the percentage of visitors who take a desired action

In measuring digital impact and vibrancy you might measure the

number of positive to negative mentions
the amplitude of the message
the rate a social object, topic, or person materializes in social

length of time something remains visible after the initial appearance

To determine ROI for an advertising campaign:

Divide return or value created by marketing actions by costs of those
Divide the ad cost by the number of orders
Divide the dollar sales by the number of clicks
Divide the number of orders by the number of visitors
Divide the number of clicks by dollar sales

A tracking URL:

Is a key component of an Intranet
Is used to determine the effectiveness of marketing activities
Is a URL that appears when consumers are blogging on a website
Is available for Bing but not Google

Qualifies as a social impression:

Personalized email based offering products identified through
collaborative filtering
Customer survey that asks about a user’s social network
Banner advertisement in contextual relevant content
An advertisement on Linkedin
Advertisement shown with the names of the viewer’s friends who
like that brand

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