Internship Comprehensive 

1. How to build or improve your professional portfolio2. Prepare 3 to 5 questions for your interview about your subject’s position (DevOps engineer) responsibilities and practices. Use two different types of interview/survey questions if possible, obtained through your investigation of research question formats, such as open-ended, rank, and Likert scale questions that would work in your interview3. Arrange to interview a manager or a supervisor of a department at the company where you intern or a student peer and confirm that you have arranged it. If you want to conduct the interview at a different company, please obtain approval from your professor.What are some of the major observations you made in regard to your interview; were you satisfied with the informationgained during the interview?What are some of your own personal strengths and weaknesses related to the interview process?4. What are the eight (8) key and interrelated functions of HR management? Which functional area impacts all of the other seven (7) functional areas?. How do you plan to improve an intern position you currently are at? Share with the class if it has been easy to adapt to your internship workplace environment and responsibilities? Do you understand the expectations versus the realities of your intern job?Include how they may have furthered your career or caused you to rethink your career goals. Your essay should include your experiences, observations, and the key concepts based on the internship and business course experience. The CLA 1 assignment will be a Turnitin paper of 4 pages.Your paper should be formatted in APA style. Include at least two (2) peer-reviewed sources related to course material taken in your academic program and scholarly journals.Reminder About Journaling: Whether you want to be able to look back at where you started, set a future state for yourself and seek a new path, or just deal with present issues, journaling helps you do that in a reflective way. You need not write every day. Journaling gives you a place to better understand yourself, to plan your goals, and to follow-up on goals. One pitfall of journaling is that it can become part of a log of your feelings for any one day and you want to avoid these types of emotional responses.

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