Intervening | Social Science homework help

Watch the following 18-minute video Bullies.
  Be sure to take notes as you watch as you will
apply what you learn to the following questions:

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What did you find surprising in the video? Why?

How did what you learned about the Cycle of Violence relate
to what we have been learning about prevention and intervention for peer

Compare the two intervention programs discussed in the video
with what we have learned about best practices for intervening in peer

Describe an intervention program that you might develop
based on what you have learned throughout this module. Your program might
include elements of either or both of the intervention programs you saw in the
video.  Be sure to explain your rationale
based on research for choosing the elements of your program.

Based on research on the topic, as well as from
watching the video, does research support inclusion of legal consequences for
intervening in bullying behavior?  In 5
pages long and not counting, include a cover page and reference list.

Follow guide listed below to answer correctly:

Explained surprising aspects of the video.

Related Cycle of Violence to  prevention and intervention for peer

Compared the two intervention programs in the video with
best practices.

Fully described an intervention program that might include
elements of the programs in the video and explained the rationale for selecting
elements for the program.

Reached a logical conclusion regarding whether research
supports inclusion of legal consequences for bullying behavior using evidence
learned in class.

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