interview a social service agency

Interview one social service agency that uses advocates within their agency. Interview an individual who works either as an advocate or as a representative who can discuss the role of advocacy within the agency. As a group, write a 1- to 2-page summary of the interview, which is used as part of your final presentation in Week Five. Include the following information:

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  • Agency or organization and the title of the interviewee
  • The advocacy role this individual plays within the agency
  • The populations served by this agency
  • An advocacy model or template used with each population: Is the advocate speaking on behalf of the client or assisting the client in speaking for him or herself?
  • How this individual became involved in the role of advocate
  • Ask the interviewee to describe what is most rewarding about his or her work.
  • Ask what he or she would change about the job if it were possible to do so.
  • Ask this person to identify the reason he or she became an advocate.
  • Ask how his or her personal values affect the performance of the duties required.
  • Ask how different this responsibility is from what he or she expected when starting the position.


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