Intro to business unit 6 product life cycle



Unit 6 Product Life Cycle

Construct: Product Life Cycle Presentation

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours

Evaluation Title: Product Life Cycle Presentation

Similarly to human beings, products have a life cycle which begins and eventually ends. A manager needs to understand the life cycle of products within the business and at which stage each product is in.

Assume the role of a manager of at a DVD manufacturing plant which creates DVDs to sell to distributors.  The company has been in business for approximately 20 years, when DVDs and DVD players were introduced to the public.  Recently, this industry has undergone many technological advances, especially with the advent of new options for consumers such as Blu Ray discs and the rising popularity of streaming video services such as Hulu and Netflix.  It is apparent that Blu Ray discs, which the business does not manufacture, are taking over the shelf space previously occupied by DVDs. 

  • Prepare an informational 8 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation for the business owner.  In the presentation, cover the following information:
    • Describe the four stages of the product life cycle.
    • Identify the stage of life the product (DVDs) are currently in, providing rationale for this information. 
    • Project the direction of the industry for the next 5 years, citing research as applicable.
    • Identify two suggestions for next steps in production with rationale for each suggestion (i.e. continue with DVD production, stop production, move to streaming services, etc.).
  • Complete additional research on this topic to support ideas.
  • Include speaker notes on each slide with the information above.
  • Utilize correct APA formatting, cite and reference materials appropriately.

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