Introduction to Research Proposals

Submit a 5- to 6-page research proposal stating both a research problem and a broad research question (may be either qualitative or quantitative). Use 6–10 of the most relevant literature resources to support the need for the study, define concepts, and define variables relevant to the question. Include a literature review explaining what previous research has found in relation to your problem and question. The literature review should also include a description of methods used by previous researchers. Finally, be sure to explain how your proposed study addresses a gap in existing knowledge.


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Additional Information posted by Professor:

Hello Students, This week, you have been asked to develop a research question, and then provide literature review supporting this questions.   A literature review can be tedious and time-consuming but needed for understanding the problem under investigation.  It allows the instructor assess your information seeking skills (your ability to identify a set of useful articles and books scanning relevant literature) and your critical appraisal skills (your ability to identify and critique previously published research studies).

               You have three choices to organize your literature, chronological, thematic or methodological.

Chronological.  Is based on if you write the literature based on these studies were published.

Thematic. Is organized around a topic or issue rather than the progression of time

Methodological. This strategy focused on the reach method (survey, observational, experimental, quantitative, and/or qualitative studies grouped together) the researcher used to gather their data rather than the content or the material.

I hope the above information will be helpful to you as you strategize your completion for this week’s assignments.

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