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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in veterans may impact their behavior and interaction in all areas of their life, including how they behave around their family and friends, on the job, and in everyday life.


For additional information on PTSD and its potential societal consequences, read the following articles:


Homeless Vets”Sociology of the Military Veteran’s and the Criminal Justice System”


Assignment Details


Write a paper of 400–600 words discussing PTSD in veterans and its impact on social behavior. Answer the following questions:


Why is there a social stigma around PTSD in veterans, and how does this impact their willingness to discuss their wartime experiences?How can PTSD impact the individual and his or her family, coworkers, community, and overall society?Why is there such a high number of veterans who are homeless in the United States?What can you do to help veterans who may be suffering from PTSD?


Additional information on PTSD and its potential societal consequences can be found in the Web resources for this unit.


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Sternheimer, K. (2011, November 21). Homeless Vets. Everyday Sociology. Retrieved from


Hammond, R., Cheney, P. (2010) Chapter 21 – Sociology of the military veteran’s and the criminal justice system. Intro to Sociology. Retrieved from the Freebooks Web site:



Define the relationship between culture and sociology in social classes, family structure and hierarchy, group dynamics, and world society

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