Iscom 424 week 5 team assignment supply chain management plan

ISCOM 424 Week 5 Team Assignment Supply Chain Management Plan

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Develop a clear plan for improving supply chain operations. Outline this plan and use it as a guide when creating your presentation.

Begin by comparing and contrasting methods that may enhance your supply chain’s efficiencies. Your recommendations must include the outlook for your company’s production efforts and its customers.

Create a presentation with a minimum of 10 slides. Your presentation must include the following:

·         The diagram from the Supply Chain Complexities assignment

·         The proposal from the Best Practices for Customer Relationship Management assignment

·         Your recommendations for enhancing efficiencies and predictions for the outcomes of your recommended methods

·         At least one table that demonstrates clear, customized measures for process improvements. These measures must include performance measures, relationship measures, cost reduction measures, and any other measures you may recommend

·         An illustrated chart or diagram that explains how collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment processes affect supply chain management

·         A rationale for how your plan effectively carries out improvements in supply chain operations at Riordan Manufacturing

·         Format your paper according to APA standards.



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