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IT 264  Business Application

Aequitas Hardware Supply that will manage customers, orders, and inventory.

Create a slide show of presentation quality.

(You would be presenting it to a group of people)

Product 10 – 15 Slide Presentation (Include, Title slide with your name, project type, and date (5 points)…include a conclusion slide (5 points) )

Remember a slide is basically an outline of what you want to say the majority of the information should be in the NOTES section…..A Slide should have no more than 5 bullets per slide and no more than 5 words per bullet

If you include graphics make sure they can be read easily

Each slide should have notes

The following topics should be covered…(10 points per topic….5 points of that is the inclusion of notes on slide….5 points is the slide design [amount of information, grammar, Title] )


  • What other tables could be created? How would these benefit the company?
  • What data should be inserted into these tables?
  • What other queries could be run? Why would this information be important?
  • What are some additional applications for the ALTER TABLE command?
  • What are some advantages of the database you created to Aequitas Hardware Supply?
  • What are some disadvantages of the current database to Aequitas Hardware Supply?
  • What are some suggestions of how the current database could be enhanced to provide the CEO with more information about the business operations? Include the suggestions and added benefits.
  • What are some suggestions of other ways Aequitas Hardware Supply could use a database to improve their operation? Include the suggestions and added benefits.

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