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You are to write an original discussion of you ideas about Jewish languages and their connections to ethnic identity, after reading the article on the subject for the Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity.


Please make sure to focus on feelings of ethnic group members that relate to intimacy and confidence about oneself in this world. How are such feelings engendered by various uses of Jewish languages and symbolic associations that relate to these languages?

When you discuss the individual use of JLs in one’s thoughts and interactions with others, as well as the identifications made on a macro-level in society, make sure to interrelate feelings that have to do with identification as an individual with those that apply to identification as a member of an ethnic group. 

Look to topics such as Jewish language use in secular literature, press, theater, religious literature and commentary, and the folklore of tales, songs, sayings, and proverbs. Do not hesitate to make comparisons to non-Jewish languages and cultures and to express your own opinions on this topic.


Link to the article (starts at page 135):

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