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Journal Article Critique Paper

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Read the following articles located in the google search


·         A Nurses Guide to the Critical Reading of Research

·         Step-by-Step Guide to Critiquing Research, Part 1: Quantitative Research


Select a peerreviewed journal article about a quantitative research study related to human services management that is also related to dementia care & the well-being and independence in people with dementia. Make sure the article includes information on statistics.


Write a 1,050- to 1,400- word paper critiquing your chosen journal article.


Include the following information in yoursummary and critique of the journal article:


·         A brief summary of what the research is about


·         Evaluate the Introduction/Literature Review.


o    Comment on the statement of the research problem, question or hypothesis; organization, flow and content of the literature review; and rationale or importance of the study


·         Evaluation on the Methodology:


o    Comment on the sample size, sampling method, measures/data collection instrument and method used


·         Evaluation of the Research Design:


o    Is the design appropriate to address the research question? 

o    Were the independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s) clearly identified?

o    Identify the independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s).


·         Evaluation of Descriptive Statistics:


o    Identify and discuss the descriptive statistics used to describe the data. 

o    Do you think the methods used to describe the data are appropriate and sufficient? Provide reasons for your response?


·         Evaluation of Discussion/Conclusion:


o    Are there any limitations identified in the article?  If so, discuss how they were addressed.

o    Are the any ethical issues identified in the article?  If so, discuss how they were addressed.



Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines; including a title page and a reference page (No abstract is necessary).  

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