Kim woods only (501 signature assignment)

Please edited the attached assignment based upon the requirements below.


Please don’t cite alot of resources because the assignment will go through a plagirism check.


Literature Review    

Prepare and submit through Turnitin by clicking View/Complete below, a 9 – 12 page literature review; page count is for content only and does not include the required title page, abstract, Table of Contents (TOC) or References. The content of the Literature Review should include the following components:  

•Introduction: In 1 – 2 pages*, briefly describe the issue providing appropriate background information and discuss why researching this issue is important 

•Research Purpose and Questions: In 1 – 2 pages*, clearly and concisely state the purpose of the research and the 2 – 3 specific research questions to be answered 

•Literature Review: In 6 – 8 pages*, analyze and synthesize 15 or more scholarly sources including 5 research studies to comprehensively examine the issue and answer your research questions 

•Conclusions: In 2 – 3 pages*, draw valid conclusions supported by findings in the literature.  *The page count for the sections of the literature review are guidelines not absolute requirements; content of Literature Review should total 9 – 12 pages

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