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written in response to your attendance and/or participation in intercultural interactions. 

This assignment asks you to learn about some of the public activities that involve people from others cultures and to participate in them. 

I want you to “field test” some of the knowledge that you are gaining in class!

You could attend or find:

1. festivals, cultural events such as music or theater performances, museum exhibits, or lectures.

2. a religious service that you have never experienced before.

3. an area of Los Angeles that is famous for a gathering place of people from a particular ethnic group (i.e. Chinatown, “little India” etc.)

4. someone on-line from another culture (attach e-mails please) and communicate with them via e-mail. (You will have to write over a period of a couple months in order to develop enough material for your paper).

5 a restaurant

What to include in your paper:

1. Describe the event, its purpose, the cultural group involved in the event.

2. Are there similar events in your culture?

3. Did you feel the intercultural interaction was competent?

4. What situations did you not understand or find the communication

to be unsatisfactory?

5. How did you feel during the situations you encountered? Comfortable?


6. ***Attach any small paraphernalia such as tickets, pamphlets, photos or artifacts.

(This is not an option)

7. Be prepared to share in class!

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