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Summarize your understanding of union membership today in the US. What is the current status of union membership? Share some statistics and trends. Did you ever belong to a labor union? If you did, do you think union membership benefited you? If you did not, do you think a union would have benefited you? Why or why not?

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Chapter 11: Working with Labor Unions, Most HRM professionals will work with unions. The unionization process, how to negotiate union contracts, and history of labor unions are discussed. 

Chapter 12: Safety and Health at Work, Employee safety and health are necessary to a productive workplace. This chapter addresses some of the health and safety issues, such as drug use, carpal tunnel, and other issues relating to keeping employees healthy at work. 

Recommended: Chapter 13: Successful Employee Communication focuses on HR-related communication, and management styles. Communication is a key component to any and all aspects of HRM.  While some of the information may be covered in other classes such as HRM 302, begin to develop your understanding of HR-related communication. 


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