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Prior to beginning this activity, please thoroughly read the instructions for this activity in this week’s student manual. Always follow all safety recommendations. Ensure you have all of the supplies you need before you start the activity. Some activities may need to have elements prepared in advance. Remember the time requirements listed are an estimate only, and individuals may need more or less time than the estimate to complete the laboratory activity.

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Complete the Fingerprints Analysis  laboratory activity by following the procedural and safety instructions in the Forensics Student Manual . Optionally, refer to the Forensics- Lab 2: Fingerprinting lab video for information pertaining specifically to taking dental impressions. Be sure to take notes that are relevant and will support your written laboratory assignment for the week. The student manual provides guidance on taking notes. You can find supplemental resources including videos, simulations, and tutorials on the eScience Labs Student Portal.

Your written report due for this laboratory appears in this week’s Assignment tab. Take a look at this video segment in order to prepare your assignment:

Examination of Evidence: Fingerprints and Footprints

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