Law 421 week 5 team assignment case scenarios grocery, inc.

Resource: University Material: Case Scenarios: Grocery, Inc., multimedia link located on the student website

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Review the case scenarios and questions associated with scenarios.


Prepare a paper containing your responses to questions in each case scenario. Each question should have a response of at least 350 words.


The week five team assignment calls for responses to seven, often multi part, questions contained in the Grocery scenario; frankly, these questions are so extensive that teams tend to do rather cursory analysis of all the questions rather than the desired detailed and careful analysis.

THEREFORE, the assignment is modified as follows:

First, ignore and do not provide answers to the last two questions of the scenario, i.e., “Who bears the risk? Explain your answer” and “Is there a contract? if so, what are the terms? Explain your answers. Also discuss the use of Supplier’s oral testimony at trial.” Therefore, the team assignment consists of five questions rather than seven.

Second, the remaining five questions do not have equal values as certain questions are far more difficult and comprehensive than others. More emphasis by the team should be placed on the harder questions. The point values of the five questions are respectively 1 (Article II), 3 (renovation project), 3 (Jeff’s car), 3 (Gap Filling) and 4(Tom and Harry).

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