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Description:  Write a brief paper, approximately 3-5 pages, addressing the topic of “Tort Reform.”  A good paper will include the following:

  • a brief definition of the concept of tort reform addressing the historical foundation
  • a specific discussion of the positive impact of limiting tort recovery
  • a specific discussion of the negative impact of limiting tort recovery
  • a conclusory discussion that outlines a your personal opinion on whether YOU feel tort reform is a good idea or what you would propose as an alternative to the current system – this should be a persuasive argument

A good paper will demonstrate the student’s knowledge of the concept of tort reform, and the ability to analyze the the far reaching consequences of limiting recovery under reform as well as the motivation behind the idea of reform.  In other words, simply stating, “I don’t think it is a good idea” will most certainly earn the student a poor grade.

Please format the paper as follows:

The paper should be formatted in accordance with the APA guidelines. 

This paper will be worth 100 points and will be broken down roughly as follows:

Format: 30% This includes spelling, grammar, appropriate use of the APA, etc.

General Knowledge of Topic: 30% This includes the general knowledge of the topic and the ability to address the requested questions.   

Analysis:  40% This demonstrates to the instructor an in depth knowledge of the topic and the ability to analyze the concept and make an argument for or against a public policy.

Note: Plagiarism will result in a loss of all points and other action not inconsistent with SPEA and course policy. 

No late papers will be accepted!

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