Law homework……..miinum half page maximum 1 page….single

this must be done by 10pm today my time california time…..

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Minimun half page maximum one page single spaced……..NO COVER PAGE OR REFERENCE PAGE


Do the following:


use your web browser to visit the Los Angeles County Probation Department’s website  

and the Orange County Probation Department website,     

Navigate through the two websites including their Department, Division, Services, Employment, Mission Statement, and Volunteer links to learn more about their organizations and programs. 

Than, address the issues I have posted below.


Probation is granted to approximately 85 percent of the convicted felony offenders, sometimes to persons convicted of violent or sex offenses. As such, Probation officers often have case loads larger than they can manage and GPS monitoring technology is not, contrary to popular belief and media reports, perfect or full-proof. 

Explain what guidelines you would establish to determine who should or should not be granted probation in various types of cases AND how you think adequate supervision of probationers could be accomplished. Remember that every case is different, with prison overcrowding and the costs to the taxpayer (you) being just a few of the many important factors to consider. Be certain to support your ideas with facts rather than just emotional responses. 


Due today by 10pm california time…..must meet deadline……


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