Leadership challenges in community colleges

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Every leader is faced with a challenge at some point in their career. In this question, respond to the following case scenario to address the challenge outlined. Answer the questions from the perspective of a college leader. Has your institution ever dealt with a similar situation?

Case Scenario

The chair of your college’s counseling department informs you that she has heard that high school counselors are telling juniors and seniors not to consider attending a community college. She tells you that high school students are being told that community colleges are low‐class institutions for losers. If students cannot be accepted by a major private university, they are told to apply to the nearest state university and to stay away from the local community college. High school publications indicate that 25 percent of graduating seniors are accepted directly into universities. No mention is ever made of how many graduates attend the local community college.

What issues does the scenario create? What leadership competencies are involved? Who should be involved in addressing the situation? What actions would you take? Are there lessons to be learned? (Boggs & McPhail, 2016, p. 12).


Boggs, G., & McPhail, C. (2016). Practical leadership in community colleges: Navigating today’s challenges. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.

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