Leadership Traits

Relate “an experience” you have personally had in working to the topic.A company you worked for that did not, or did, practice good management.A job you had where you felt bad or good about going to work and why.Think about a “cause” that means a great deal to you:Ethics in businessLeadership traits and characteristicsInternational business – what is different in other countries?Think about the four keys to good management (planning, organizing, leadingand controlling) and select one or two and relate to a “work” experience youhave had – again a bad or good experience.Written Paper Guidelines:A paper, at least 5 pages (typed, double spaced).list of references used, or works sited, to develop your oral presentation and to write the paper is to be included with the paper.A cover page should be included, but no cover binder or folder is required for the paper.


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