Legal Memorandum Essay

1. The topic has been identified for the class; you must now begin research to support your position: Yes COVID-19 will affect these businesses, or No, it will not affect the business. 2. Answer the statement in the affirmative or the negative. 3. Use legal research to substantiate/support your argument. Legal research includes: cases, statutes, the US Constitution, law journals, and legal articles. 4. The Legal Memorandum must be 600 words in length, and include your name, class, title of assignment and name of professor. 5. All papers must be double-spaced; use New Times Roman 12 point font. 6. References/Table of authorities– a minimum of 4- references.  Structure Of A Legal Memorandum Heading. Includes the name of the person who assigned the research project, your name, the date, and the name of the client and a short description of the subject matter of the memo. Question Presented. … Short Answer/Brief Answer. … Statement of Facts. … Discussion Section. … Conclusion. … ISSUE. … RULE AND RULE EXPLANATION.


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