Life Span Development Psychology

Either brainstorm words of your many selves or draw a picture of your many selves. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Take 10 minutes to put onto paper who you are. You can use drawings, colors, symbols, words, whatever you need to reflect your many selves. You can upload this drawing/word chart for the activity, but please continue reading below.Identities can be both achieved and ascribed. Achieved identities are those that we have worked toward. For example, some of my achieved identities would be being a wife, mother, and professor. Ascribed identities are those identities that are given to us when we are born. These could be things like ethnicity or gender. Some of my ascribed identities are being a woman, being a daughter, a sister, etc. Take some time to look over your drawing/word chart of your many selves. Which identities are ascribed and which are achieved. What domains of identities are most commonly presented?

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