Literacy Sponsorship

Respond, with 400-800 words, to the following prompt: Reflect on your second project in our course (your literacy sponsorship analysis) and its associated threshold concept: “Writing is impacted by prior experiences.” It may help to consider some of the following, or similar, questions:How do you feel about the work you’ve done for this project? What did you learn about literacy and literacy sponsorship (your own and in general) throughout this unit, especially as a result of completing this project? How has your work on this project or in this unit influenced your perceptions or understanding of the threshold concept that states that prior experiences affect or inform writing? How has your understanding of yourself as a writer in the past affected your perception or understanding of yourself as a writer today? How might you apply this threshold concept, or anything else you’ve discovered in this unit, to future writing projects? If applicable, what parts or aspects of your paper are you still not completely satisfied with? What might you have done differently in your project to prevent this dissatisfaction? (Or what might you do to your essay if you were to choose to revise it and submit it as your Optional Revision assignment at the end of the term?) Include the total word count of your response with your entry. Include only your response, and not the prompt itself, in your word count. (Note: This entry has a minimum word count of 400 words, which is double the amount most other entries require.)

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