Literary response assignment(due in 5 hours)

I attached the story in a word file below. thanks

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Assignment Requirements:

–  4 pages double spaced.  12 point font Times New Roman.

–  MLA citation

– You need to include quotes from the reading

 Assignment Description: 



– How the story reveals something about the time in which it was written/published

– How the story connects to ideas about gender as a social or biological construction

– How the story portrays a theme (how we learn to understand the world, how technology may save us, how technology will undo us, how the world will end) (These are over-simplified, but hopefully you are starting to understand.)

– How the story reveals a universal and timeless characteristic about people

– How the story offers a social or political commentary on [insert specific topic]

– How does the main character change by the end of the story? Is it for better or worse?

– How the author develops a particular character or idea throughout the story

– How symbols and literary devices are used within the story

– What the story says about [insert topic (some common ones are race relations, gender relations, people’s fears of technology, people’s memories, etc.] 

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