Managing Diversity

This assignment will highlight the importance of maintaining a diversity perspective as a group facilitator. The paper should address the following:1. Research studies that have shown the best methods to manage diversity;2. Specific steps the group leader can take to manage diversity and difference in a group;3. How your own cultural background, values, and belief systems affect your leadership ability.4. Research gender and/or race/ethnicity and/or disability in groups and note key skills a group leader needs to use to effectively facilitate a group where women and/or BIPOC people and/or people with disabilities make up a minority of the group participants.5. Summary and Conclusions.Write 8-10 pages, backed up by an average of one scholarly journal article citation (peer reviewed journal articles) per page, i.e., 8 citations for a 8-page paper; 10 citations for a 10-page paper. APA style, Ariel or Calibri, 12 point font, one inch margins.Objective Points possible Points EarnedAnalysis of research articles on managing diversity 5Steps to manage diversity and difference in groups 6Effect of facilitator background on group leadership 5Report research on gender and/or race/ethnicity and/or disability in groups and skills needed to effectively work with the identified population(s) 6APA style 2Writing, including grammar and spelling competence and facility, analytic skills, and logic. 3Quality and fit of minimum number of independently identified peer reviewed journal articles. 3Total 30.


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