Marketing MIX and CSR

Select a company to conduct your in-depth research. The selected company should be regarded as a successful company in its industry, in terms of both financial performance and admirable image. Give brief history and background of the company. Describe the company’s target market based on demographic and psychographic characteristics as well as buying behaviors Refer to Chapters 2, 4, 8  Clearly describe and discuss each of the marketing mix elements used by the company to create value and satisfy the needs/wants of its target market. Product – how product attributes/qualities provide desired benefits for the target market. Price – how price, cost to the target market, is justified by what they get in return. Place – how the product is made available and accessible for the target market. Promotion – how the company communicates with the target market to inform about its product and appealing benefits and to achieve desirable image and position. Refer to Chapter 2 Describe and discuss how the company engages in CSR.  Remember CSR relates to making ethical decisions and business actions that have positive impacts on many stakeholders and the society. These decisions must be made from initial product design and sourcing to consumption and all stages in between. What efforts the company has taken to improve the quality of life for those in need, to better the society, to ensure the well-being of future generations, etc. Refer to Chapter 3. In completing the tasks, you must provide thorough discussions as required. References to the specified chapters and to other credible sources that you research are needed to strengthen your discussions/explanations and arguments. Include at least five (5) references of information from credible sources (e.g., company’s website, news reports, trade publications). Use the outline above for completing different tasks to develop and organize your paper, 3-5 pages required (NOT including references). APA style writing format must be followed for in-text citations, where needed, and references. To earn credit, your submission must be typed, double-spaced using business-type font sized 12, with 1-inch margins.


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